100% Money Psychology Session  August 2016

The session was kicked off by introductions which was anchored by Miss Ireti. The participants introduced themselves and also gave hints on what they expectations were from the session. This was followed up by the presentation, which was also an interactive session taken by Mrs. Kai Orga, the founder of CORE Development Initiative. It was attended by 29 individuals. It was held at the Be Better Centre, No. 6 David Mark Street, Gudu on the 13th of August 2016. The session officially kicked off at 10:35 am and ended at 3:00pm.

Firstly, she introduced herself, and also got to know the new persons present at the session, which led to the assessing of Isaac Jude’s employment growth. He invited 3 people to the seminar which were students of his while he was in 200 level, where he earned N5000 per family. Presently, he earns about N150 000, and also engages himself in other streams of income. This example kick-started the reason for the session, which led to the question of   “What is happening in Nigeria?” This led to different answers which was in the perspective of the various individuals present. The answers were both negative and positive.

The session was titled The Psychology of Money, which was averagely rated excellent by the participants. Mrs. Kai Orga started with reference to Anthony Robbins’ book MONEY, Master the Game. Then further more gave different views of money, with money seen as tool, as a source of power, and also a means of expression. She also attributed money to giving feelings. Feelings of empowerment, freedom, and also certainly one of the ways our dreams can materialize. Under this broad subject of the Psychology of Money, there were sub headings like Financial Success. In this, it was understood that the psychology of money is an inside job of how your beliefs, expectations, feeling influence our finances, behaviour, success and disappointments. Understanding the psychology of money, led to understanding what a money script is and how it applies to our financial success.

The session which also involved a question and answer session, and also interaction between the participants and the mentor, also shed light on how our mind set affects our financial success, and how important it is to focus our thoughts on the positive. The participants were also exposed to the understanding of how much our feelings affect the end result of what we want. For example, if you feel hopeless because you live from pay check to pay check, you begin to borrow and then the consequence is living in debt. Mrs. Orga also gave instances our selfworth, beliefs, stress and personal finances can influence wealth. She elaborated by telling the participants how their perception of themselves can affect their finances. Making reference to Obama’s “I CAN” which has become a mantra for her. She also gave a number of quotes which all led to the basis of the session.

Also part of the psychology of money, is the money template. She used the balloon example, with the assistance of Miss Ireti, to explain that our capacity as humans is our limit. Therefore, if a person has a small capacity (a small balloon) they cannot retain as much as someone with a bigger capacity. This was a part of the session that was misunderstood by Bright Opara, but with further explanation, he got a hold of the subject and saw it as something to apply to his life. She also used a tree and its fruits as an example, which showed that the fruits are products of the roots, what is under the ground is what produces what is above the ground. She then also proffered a means through which individuals can change their “roots”. It is called the Process of Manifestation. The process of manifestation is made up of our thoughts, then feelings, then actions and habits, and finally the result. With examples of both positive and negative examples of T-F-A-R (the Process of Manifestation), she employed the participants to constantly watch their train of thoughts, so as to affect the continuous chain reaction, and also get profitable results.

Furthermore, the participants were made to understand the Money blueprint, which is simply a way of being in relation to money. From this, the participants were expected to appraise themselves, asking questions like “what is your current money and success blueprint subconsciously set for?” “Are you set for success, mediocrity or for financial failure?” “Are you programmed for struggle, or ease around money?” With an understanding of what the psychology of money is, Mrs. Kai Orga gave tips on how to have a healthy money psychology. This tips were centred on awareness and all round positive thoughts. In doing this, she gave 3 different levels of income, and likened Isaac Jude to the persons in the M3 group, who are the 1% of the population who warn 96% of the money. They multiply their time by setting up multi streams or sources of income.

The session also enabled individuals to under the ‘Psychic Source of Income’. For one to know their ‘PSI’ they must come in terms with who they are and be truthful to themselves, also they must question themselves appropriately, and find out their preferences. Mrs. Kai Orga through the session and her stories showed that her opinion of ‘what you love leads to what you contain’ is evident physically. There was also an explanation on the Cycle of Money. The participants understood that money revolves, and as such, the cycle of money is the best way to explain how money circulates around, in the society. The cycle of money is make (salary, gifting, earning); preserve (savings, investments) and spend (daily expenses, personal needs). Finally, she gave tips to the participants, which included being thankful, saving, investing, paying the bills on time, and being creative, to mention but a few. For the closing remarks, Mrs. Kai Orga’s sister gave an insight on the Chinese Bamboo Tree that left the participants in awe.

After the session, the participants broke into their business clusters, to have sessions concerning their various specializations and to work on the project given to them by Mrs. Kai Orga. The cluster meetings were rounded up by Miss Ireti with a presentation from the Agricultural cluster updating the group on how far they have gone with their plan to supply local rice under the CORE organization.

At the end of the session, the feedback from the session was positive. The participants all had different views of what was taught, however, their expectations were met and most of them surprised that there was so much they did not know, with plans to do a number of things differently.

Attitude is everything! Multiple streams of income is the way to go! Start, no matter how small, and be consistent.

  • Sylvia Nwoko

I need the right mindset, I need to increase my capacity to handle money, and I need to learn how to work the money cycle, to also see opportunities differently.

  • Ade-zakyTheophilus

This session has changed my perception of money, having a rethink and strategizing when it comes to making earnings, and it has taught to have a focus. I plan to go back to my drawing board and strategize, think of better ideas to grow my existing business, and add other businesses.

  • Bakano Naomi

I have learnt how to deal with my psychology of money, what influences my wealth and what defines my process of wealth manifestation. After this, I would work on my thoughts towards wealth and the process of my manifestation.

  • Nnanna S. M. Ogbonna