Business Cluster Meeting | Faculties of the Mind 28th May 2016

CORE Development Initiative organized Business Cluster meeting for the youth on its platform on 28th May 2016 at The Be Better Centre, Gudu in Abuja.

With 27 youth in attendance, the session took off by 10 am with the welcome address, introductions and icebreakers.

The first Training session focused on The Faculties of the Mind. This session was facilitated by Mrs Kai Orga, Founder CORE Development Initiative. She spoke about the potency of the human mind and its ability to give outstanding results if properly understood and deployed.

The teaching session, exposed the participants to the concept of paradigms which area the set of habits and patterns that holds and control the mind and which can either help with achieving a great feat in life or which has held them bound to one position.

Next was a brief motivational Session by Abigail Anthony, the owner of Goshen foods. She told her story about her journey to entrepreneurship, the ups and downs, her learnings and achievements as a young sales person in the Nigerian market.

The last session was the cluster breakout session. The youth had previously been grouped into clusters based on their interest and vocations. The clusters available are Agriculture/Product, Fashion and Events, Security/IT and Education.

The cluster sessions exposed the individual to the ability to learn new things about their area of interest. The consistency of the seminar over time has been able to expose the participants to various opportunities.

The meeting rounded off with lunch at 2pm and members agreed to a cluster follow up meeting on the 25th June 2016.