The sound of Teni’s hit music “I wanna be a billionaire” could be heard right from the gate of the Abuja’s Millennium Park. The breathtaking scenery, the sight of the lush green grasses and trees, the sound of children’s laughter while playing and the constant pestering of photographers for a take a shot upon arrival, mixed with that Saturday’s morning breeze made the date and timing of the EnE Club event perfect.

The club event is a learning and monitoring platform for its members, that usually takes place once every quarter to guide and monitor the growth of the members personally and professionally. The event started a few minutes past noon hosted by Ms. Judith who spoke from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

There is a certain euphoria that comes with setting New Year resolutions which is quite overwhelming; we fail to back it with specific and strategic ways {Goal Setting} of achieving or following through with it, the exception is for those who truly know what it means to set GOALS.

Goal setting for many people is one of those things people think they understand but in actual fact they do not. People confuse resolutions with goal setting, the intent to do something and the desire to achieve an aim respectively. Setting goals involve planning, preparing and taking outlined steps towards achieving the said goal.

The euphoric feeling of making resolutions only lasts but for a while, and after sometime when the routine of our daily schedule sets in, just as quickly as it comes it is gone, most times it is forgotten and only remembered if/when we come across where it was written.

“We sometimes over-estimate what we can do in a year and under-estimate what we can do in 5 years.” The mistake most people make is that they set goals that can be achieved in 3 years to be done in 1 year, and as time goes on and they see the gigantic nature of the goal, they are left wishing for the year to go by quickly for the next one so they can do the same thing all over again. Unless that chain of ignorance is broken via knowledge and understanding, reoccurrence of happenings is inevitable.


For example, someone’s goal might be to “lose 30 pounds in January. As specific as this goal sounds, someone with little understanding on how to set goal will just move on from here. Come the month of May, this person might be surprised when 10 more pounds is gained. To back up such resolution, goals like this should be put in place:

  • Stop eating food that contains fat
  • 20 minutes exercise every morning
  • Jogging 1 mile in the evening on weekends
  • Vegetable smoothies before breakfast

Now this sounds like a good goal setting plan, right?

In goal setting there are two types of goals: long term goals and the short term. Short term goals are confident builders to the long-term ones. It is very important that when writing goals, the long-term goals should be written first, because from it the short-term ones will manifest.

For perfect balance, goals should be centered on finance, physical/health, spiritual and mental areas of our life. Spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean God; it’s whatever gives you a sense of peace. The mental area constitutes what we feed the mind, as the greatest challenge to achieving a goal is what is conceived in the mind.  “The mind drives our thoughts and thoughts drive our actions”

Admonishments from members centered on guarding what goes in and out of the mind, for ‘As a man thinketh so he is’ it was a fun-filled and educative afternoon with promises of more to come, till the next EnE Club Event. Cheers!