Patience: (excited) Guy how far? Did you watch the game yesterday?

Ezra (moody) which game?

Patience: Oh, is it because you people lost? {Laughing}

Ezra: See I’m not in the mood for your talk today.

Patience: Guy, what’s the matter? Why the long face?

Ezra: I don’t know I am just tired.

Patience: Of what, the game? (Smiling mischievously)

Ezra: Of everything. Do you remember that thing I told you last week.

Patience: You told me a lot last week. In fact, you tell me lots of stuff.

Ezra: The one about me entering science class next term.

Patience: Okay! What’s the problem?

Ezra: I don’t know, I’m having second thoughts.

Patience: Why? You love maths, you’re natural with calculations. Giving up on your dreams so soon?

Ezra: No. it’s not that. It’s what I have been hearing others say about science class, the subject’s difficulty and all.

Patience: Let me guess, things like they are too hard, it’s not like the junior secondary kind of calculations.

Ezra: Exactly. How do you know all this stuff?

Patience: I just do okay, that it’s better to choose arts where the subjects are easy to read and pass

Ezra: Yes.

Patience: So, what is the problem?

Ezra: You know now.

Patience: Me? Know what? How will I know?

Ezra: Am scared and confused.

Patience: What will now happen to your dream of being a math’s professor?

Ezra: (scratches chin)

Patience: Look my friend, you need to distance yourself from all this negativity and focus your thoughts on positive things.

Ezra: It’s hard to do knowing the people saying these things are not doing well themselves. That’s why they are advising me to change to arts.

Patience: (raises voice) Advice! You call that advice.

Ezra: Calm down. Please.

Patience: Am I high? Don’t tell me to calm down.

Ezra: Sorry no vex my guy.

Patience: Look. Let me tell you. Positive thinking breeds successful individuals.

Ezra: Yeah.

Patience: When you think positive things, you will attract good things to your life. So, start thinking about how you will start collecting all the gifts on prize giving day all through secondary school.

Ezra: (smiling)

Patience: See your teeth even the thought alone feels good right?

Ezra: Yeah.

Patience: Arts is good but your passion lies with science so focus all your mind and energy there

Ezra: Yes ma.

Patience: Whatever people say might be a result of their own reality. Don’t make a mistake of letting it become yours.

Ezra: You’re right.

Patience: Positive thoughts and actions attract good things, good people and the best part, good results.

Ezra: That’s sounds like an easy way to get good things out of life.

Patience: True, but…

Ezra: (cuts in) It looks easy but there is need to back it all up with positive actions.

Patience: Now you’re getting it.

Ezra: No matter the negative situation around me I owe myself the duty of self-encouragement every day.

Patience: I like this new found attitude.

Ezra: All thanks to you.

Patience: What are friends for?

Ezra: How are you this wise?

Patience: (laughs) when I tell you to bend down when greeting me you will think I’m joking.

Ezra: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Patience: And remember positive attitude have always been one of the keys of successful individuals. Seriously, did you watch yesterday’s match?

Ezra: You have come again. Leave me alone.