The Google DSA training was in collaboration with Mindthegap, CORE development initiative and kpatriotsimapact:

Participants were able to develop their understanding of what is possible with the use of digital tools in their academy pursuits, their chosen careers and businesses. The training was followed up with self-learning resources which participants can utilize to further their learning at their own pace.

Facilitators: Mark Woji,( Mindthegap)  Jude Israel (kpatriotsimpact),Judith Nyior(CORE)  and Michael Olanipekun(CORE)

Date: 12th of May 2018,

Time: 11am to 3pm.

 Venue: Asher Terrace hotel, after Aso savings Kubwa Abuja.


  • Evolution of the digital age. Empowering the lives of youths with the necessary digital skills to set up business and grow their business and become employable
  • Digitization: is the conversion of text, images sound, signal or process into digital form that a computing device can interpret:
  • The internet of things. Connecting everything together
  • Gaining consumers trust. : Payment, Optimization and enhance your skills using YouTube
  • Opportunities in the digital world.: companies, SMEs and career
  • Professions in the digital world. SEO, SME
  • What are companies looking for: knowledge, tools, experience and attitude
  • What should be in your CV.
  • Create your experience. Volunteering, practicing etc.

29 persons attended and where empowered with skills that will make them digitized their business and for those currently unemployed to begin a career in digital marketing. Also follow-up and mentoring was put in place to guide participant.

Refreshment was provided for all the participant .

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