Leadership is an essential skill that is vital for personal, group or organizational development. But it has been taken for granted by the young people mostly because of the misconception that it is a thing for the older people and privileged.

This is a skill that is needed from how we coordinate our family members to our personal interaction with other people, to how we handle relationships, to church programs, career and entrepreneurship pursuit.

In developing your leadership skills, you need to understand the concept of leadership, who a leader is, the different types of leadership styles, understanding which of the styles you fall into and why we need leaders in this present society.

It was based on this necessity and request from its members that C.O.R.E (Creating Opportunities Re-inventing Expertise) incorporated this program into its youth meeting dated 15th October 2016 at the Be Better Centre in Julius Nyerere room.

The meeting began with the arrival and registration of participants by 10am. The program went into full gear with introduction and icebreaker by Ireti Adeleke. She introduced the whole essence of the organization and what we have accomplished in the 4 years of its existence. The introductory slides had visuals from all the past sessions including that of The CORE Academy and Cahira project.

Mrs Kai Orga introduced the new staff of the organization, Abetianbe E.Susan who was to take the first session as her first time as a public speaker representing the organization and herself.

Abetianbe Susan facilitated the first session which was an introduction to leadership development. She began by introducing herself and narrating how CORE set her on the track of finding her ‘WHY’ and understanding her purpose. She continued by asking the obvious question to the theme of the meeting ‘WHO IS A LEADER’?  This created a forum for the participants to contribute. She further mentioned signs that they may be leaders and never know, like empathy for mankind and the need to make a change. She also touched on the types, levels and concept of leadership and stated how important self leadership is because at the centre of leadership is the person who, more than anything else makes the difference.

Mr Obinnaya C. Uruakpa, a seasoned speaker took the 2nd session and he brought down the roof with some eye opening intro to energise the young people. He told them to throw out the ‘Blame culture’ and take responsibilities for their lives. For as they are busy complaining about recession and the quality of the government, the world is moving on. He gave some resounding quotes like ‘life does not reward you for what you have in your heart but what you express’. He further went away from the theme to reawaken the zeal in the youth because of his passion for youth development and empowerment.

The session ended with Mr Obinnaya taking some questions from the participants which clarified a lot of things that they were confused about.

A couple of the participants had this to say about their leadership styles

Ocheja Ogaji: My style of leadership is a transformational one

Emmanuel Samuel Ugbede: A style that depends largely on individual capacity; hence, spend all effort on individual development.

Hyelda Apollos: Inclusive, innovative and result-driven

Ameh Lilian Eru: Coaching

Abdulmajid Mohammed: Very firm and effective