It is often said that it’s better to teach a man how to catch a fish, than to consistently keep giving him fish. When quoting this cliché, a large number of people consciously don’t note some pros contained in this statement. This scenario points out that the man in question is indeed fortunate to have someone that has him in mind to give him fish.
What now happens to a man who has nobody to give him fish or teach him how to catch one? What happens to a girl that has no guardian? No father, no mother, no sister or brother? What now happens to a girl who has been forced to live in the shadows? What now happens to a girl marginalized who has no fish, no idea of what a fish is and no one to teach her how to catch one?
Today’s reality does not guarantee any safe haven for such individuals, so they are left at the mercy of the world they find themselves in. “What now happens” begs the big question. The responsibility of giving out fish and teaching the art of catching it is left only for the brave of heart willing to tackle this inhumane course life has dealt to them.
On their part these girl “Hustle” for their own fish at a very young age, though the intention is noble on their part, sometimes it’s not always by choice, some are forced to get this fish by all means, which includes stealing, prostitution, slavery the list goes on and on.
Some are housemaids and as noble a profession as it is, has led to physical and emotional abuse that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder among these girls. They grow in it until it becomes their reality, all they come to know and appreciate.
This translates to a society full of social vices, individuals with no value or respect for laws, morals and good manners.
CORE Development Initiative comes with a beam of hope, taking up this mantle of social responsibility, through its Cahira Empowerment project that is aimed at liberating these marginalized girls from the suffering they might or are currently facing right now through access to vocational, financial, and life skills that will make them employable or be an employer of labor.
The name Cahira has its roots in the Irish language and means a Female Warrior, because of the way we see the girls involved in the project. These girls will have access to top facilitators and coaches in the country with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge at their disposal.
At CORE, we are passionate about these girls, we don’t want to give fish only, we also teach them how to fish whilst giving them the fish. This approach will no doubt have a snowball effect on the girls, their families, their communities and the nation at large.