To thrive amidst this pandemic might sound like a wish if we take time to reflect on how the year have turned out so far with the adverse effects of the novel Coronavirus, which as a result jobs were lost, workers furloughed, salaries are being cut, businesses have closed down whilst others have no choice but to downsize.

While some individuals, businesses and organizations are struggling to thrive, the business year couldn’t have been better for others. What better way to achieve success and remain relevant than to invest in self and business development, attend training webinars and online workshops that can help you to push through this hard time.

This is a good time to start income diversification if you haven’t thought about it, now is the best time to explore that hidden talent or skill that you’ve abandoned or never had the time for. Develop yourself in it and increase your knowledge base in that area no matter how seemingly silly you think it is.

The internet has made information sourcing very easy; one can quickly find out ways to incorporate that skill into a valuable commodity people will pay for. There are lots of online platforms where your skill can be merchandised, many businesses are now taking advantage of the social media to market their product.

Like the phoenix, people have risen from the ashes and succeeded amidst difficulty, one has to do smart work and persevere against all odds towards perfection.

Remember, we have to protect ourselves and others by adhering to safety guidelines in order to reduce the spread, at CORE Development Initiative we encourage that you take advantage of any opportunity to improve and develop yourself.