John A. Awoyemi      (1989 – 2016)

We mourn the passing of a dearly beloved friend and brother, a strong, committed and long standing member of CORE Development Initiative. His presence was felt in his active participation and contribution to the growth of the Initiative. He was always willing to volunteer and always willing to serve. He had the heart of a leader and was indeed a light to his world.

He strongly believed Libertarianism is the key for Africa’s development, and he advocated for entrepreneurship, capitalism and a free-market.

He was passionate about the economic, social and academic freedom and development of Africans. He founded Liberty Empowerment Foundation to get together young Africans who are passionate about libertarianism and are agents of social change in their communities. His wish was to empower Africans and at the same time advocate for liberalism in their communities.

He already began attending conferences to acquire strategies that will empower and alleviate the economic and social life of the people in his community while reaching out to secondary schools to conduct advocacy and sensitization projects.

He was a Team Leader at African Liberty Organization for Development – ALOD Policy Think-tank, Local Coordinator at African Students For Liberty and Program and Information Director at U.S. State Department, Xchange Alumni in Abuja. He also volunteered with a number of Non Governmental Organizations.

John touched so many lives with his kindness, caring, loving and peaceful nature. He will surely be missed.

On behalf of CORE Development Initiative, we say… Rest in Perfect Peace, John.


So many things going through my mind as I write…… you came to the CORE Development Initiative so quietly but almost immediately we heard your voice. You were visible in many meetings and you contributed in several  discussions but most of all you were keen to see the youth in Nigeria develop to a certain level.
I have thought about you everyday since I saw that message which no one thinks of. I wish I could change life’s course and ask to see you just one more time.
You were so filled with life and energy. You were one of the few youth who followed up with questions and made enquiries on what next. You kept me on my toes and encouraged me to keep mentoring, building youth and doing what we do best at CORE. Early in the year you sent me ‎a chat message with an outline of a few things you had planned. After reading I thought so focused and strategic.
In February you sent a second chat about your youth mentoring programme in Pyakassa and requested support from the Initiative. I called you and discussed about the support CORE would provide. Somehow we didn’t speak again as arrangements were to be concluded with our programmes/ business development manager. So to my surprise when the message dropped about your death, I was confused especially since the news came to me a day before the planned  Feb event.
John you did great things and had so many plans.
This is one of your plans for the year:
‘ ‎Excerpt from my chat with John’
‎Good morning ma’am.Compliments of the season.
I just thought I should info you about my plans for the new year.  Before now my interest as been in the area of social enterprise and have been working and undergoing trainings in this regard both with CORE and other organization.
I came in contact with a Libertarian ideology, that focuses on economic, social and intellectual freedom. A philosophy I concur with, and I discover that most libertarian organizations advances the idea of liberty through theoretical  means, basically for intellectual people. So I thought of another initiative where by the idea can be step down to the marginalized who are community based. The initiative is going to be practical based for proper understanding of how to economically, socially and intellectually free or independent without depending solely on the government.
I had wanted to start the initiative before now but I was putting the CAC registration into consideration, but later on I discovered I can actually start some thing, there after register the initiative.
I have been able to come up with the following below.
Liberating Individual’s potentials for Economic, social and intellectual freedom.
Empower the marginalized(poor, deprived & oppressed) sectors of the society through community based sustainable projects & programes, there by discourage depending solely on government policies and making them participants in societal development.
Have being able to setup my objectives and year plan, I will also be working with pastor Collins Ifeanyi in his community.
Ma’am i welcome comments and suggestions for the above idea. Once again compliment of the season”.
What can I say, my contact with you was so quick and short. I thought every night about how much you would be doing to change the world had you been alive.
I bless the Almighty for the experience of engaging with an awesome, focused and deliberate young man. You made mentoring look so easy. It will be hard to forget you.
The team at CORE keeps you in memory, I remember you daily for everything said above and more.
Rest on, till we meet again, adieu John.
Your mentor, Kai Orga.
Founder, CORE Development Initiative