About Us

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

Who We Are

CORE is an acronym for Creating Opportunities and Reinventing Expertise. CORE Development Initiative is a non –profit organization founded in September 2012 and incorporated on the 29th January 2013 with CAC No: CAC/IT/NO 59348.

CORE Development Initiative exists to assist individuals discover their strengths, focus their energies appropriately and awaken the hidden talents and resources that reside in them. We believe that every person has strengths, talents, abilities which comes natural to them and is unique to only them. Therefore, understanding this UNIQUENESS will facilitate better self- knowledge and inspire focus in achieving maximum IMPACT.

Our goal is to engage the youth development space through a variety of activities that provides a holistic approach towards deployment of result-oriented empowerment interventions and better policy formulations that ultimately result in creation of decent work, employment opportunities and entrepreneurship for youth.

A major focus for the organization going forward is the engagement of various players in the youth development sector and key stakeholders involved in policy formulation for better policies in youth employability and entrepreneurship. As the benefits of sharing experience and closer collaboration in recent programs has started to reveal, the organization decided to move to a more structured form of cooperation.

In achieving this goal, a deliberate effort is made in seeking information from the youth on their peculiar challenges and what kind of support would aid them in reaching their goals. This feedback system also incorporates avenues that allow the youth to interface with leaders in the youth development sector and those involved in policy formulation in this regard.

A major fall out of our strategy involves capacity building; hence, CORE has since 2012 trained individuals on youth employability, entrepreneurship and personal development.

The organization also identifies and creates possible job and entrepreneurial opportunities by linking our trainees up with suitable employers and mentors in their chosen area, while also providing avenues for internship for capacity building.



— Our Mission

Aiding individuals to identify and appropriate their innate abilities towards employability or entrepreneurship

— Our Vision

To see that every individual has identified its potential towards making an impact in their spheres of influence through entrepreneurship and employability.

— Our Objectives

  1. Spur individuals towards maximizing their innate strength to increase employability & entrepreneurship
  2. Engender youth leadership
  3. To provide basic education and entrepreneurial information training to women, youth & girls for development, economic growth & poverty alleviation.
  4. To develop productive partnership international organizations, government and community groups actively involved in youth, women & the girl child development.

Area of Focus

Guiding principles

Our core values

— Excellence

— Responsibility

— Inclusion

— Integrity & Accountability

— Trust

— Hard & Innovative work

Our Events


This is a quarterly programme that seeks to improve the lives of youth through skills development, capacity building, training and mentorship.


The Cahira program was founded in October 2015, out of a need to empower marginalized girls in Nigeria. It is a program for adolescent girls and young women.


The Local Education Authority {LEA} school mentoring programme was born out of a need to bridge the educational gap by providing support for low-income and marginalized children.


The CORE Employability and Entrepreneurship club is a platform where we easily manage and review how well our staff, volunteers and mentors are doing in their particular areas of choice