The Cahira Empowerment Project

THE CAHIRA EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM: The Cahira program was founded in October 2015, out of a need to empower marginalized girls and women in Nigeria. It is a program for adolescent girls and young women.

The name Cahira has its roots in the Irish language and means a female warrior, because that’s how we see the girls and women involved in the program. These girls are not the defeated, they are fighters. Against all odds they keep pressing forward, despite having lost their parents and growing up in orphanages.


The program aims to give them access to vocational training in tailoring, make- up, and hairdressing etc. It also seeks to educate them on basic financial skills, and on life skills so as to give them the fundamentals needed to gain employability skills that would enhance their ability to gain formal employment or help them venture into entrepreneurship.

This project focuses on impacting the lives of marginalized young girls and women . It gives them the tools they need to gain economic freedom and develop their quality of life.