The Local Education Authority {LEA} school mentoring program was born out of a need to bridge the educational gap by providing support for low-income and marginalized children. The program started in 2016 with 2 LEA schools and has now expanded to 5 LEA schools bringing the total number of schools to 7. Over 1500 children have been impacted.

The LEA primary schools program focuses on mentoring under privileged and disadvantaged children with life skills through the use of 3 manuals: the personal development manual, entrepreneurship development manual and the financial literacy manual that provides guidance and constructive feedback to these children to live reasonable and productive lives thereby becoming responsible adults.

On the 13th December 2014, CORE distributed over 150 bags to students of LEA primary school Durumi, as a way of making education easy for the children.

The LEA Mentoring program started with two schools (LEA Dnako and LEA Durumi) in 2015 impacting the lives of over 400 school children in primary 4-6.

Due to the impact of the mentoring program, in May 2018, the LEA primary schools’ program was expanded to 5 LEA primary schools within the FCT namely

  • Festival Road Primary School Area 10
  • LEA Wuse Zone 2
  • LEA Wuse Zone 3
  • Pilot science primary school Wuse Zone 5
  • LEA Durumi by Police station

Asides the manuals used, we focus on teaching the children soft skills and lessons on ethics and morals.