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The Story Of Adamu

Adamu was born and raised in Nasarawa, Nigeria. His story is one of a determined young man, who faced many hardships, but was blessed by several generous people who intervene at critical points in his life.

When Adamu was 11 years old his father passed away and he was taken under the care of his grandmother. He was transferred to a poor rural school where he not only had to fight for a few desks but was also repeatedly suspended not for causing trouble for failure to pay his school fees.

He negotiated with the Headmaster to let him stay and try to catch up till his grandmother could save enough money to pay his fees, but the cost of school was a constant source of insecurity and worry.

Sadly, the story of Adamu is the story of over 263 million children, adolescents & youth worldwide. About 10.5 million of Nigeria’s children aged 14 to 15 years are not in school. Only 61 percent of 6 to 11 years old regularly attend Primary School.

Regarding the consequences of Education, a growing body of Empirical research suggests that better, education yields higher individual income & contributes towards the construction of social capital, and long-term economic growth.

Without skills for lifelong learning children face greater barriers to learning potential unemployment later in life.

Our Local Education Agency {LEA} School programme focuses on mentoring marginalized & disadvantaged children with life skills that provide guidance and constructive feedback to these children, to live responsible and productive lives.

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